Logline: A young woman stranded in the middle of the Mojave Desert must survive the elements all while being pursued by a vicious killer.


Fate’s highway is about a young woman named Rachel, who for most of her adult life has wanted for nothing; A bit self absorbed, Rachel lives a glamorous lifestyle as a fashion model and has never had to face true adversity. While driving alone, along a lonely stretch of highway, Rachel stumbles upon a horrific murder scene. The only survivor is Maya, a little girl who escaped the Killer’s grasp. The Killer who is hell bent on killing the child suddenly encounters Rachel, something inside Rachel snaps and nothing else matters but protecting this innocent child. The body count rises as the Killer pursues them both. Rachel summons every ounce of strength and courage to fight the sadistic killer. 



Fate's Highway Pitch This was the original pitch with the actors I had in mind when I wrote it. Note: The actors pictured are not attached to the project. 1.3 MB